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It must have been Destiny…

26 Jun 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Today is the happiest day of my life because… We have finally found and signed the deed for our new Destiny production center. The three-story house, the Thomas Clayton Center, will serve as our new office, production unit, and potentially a crisis shelter for women in need. This new center was made possible from the generous donations of my grandmother and her son, Kevin, in memory of my late grandfather, Thomas Clayton. While their contribution has allowed us to secure the property, we still need help to meet our start-up costs. If you are able, donations are accepted online or you can contact Alicia for more information.  

We plan to hire women from various shelter homes and NGO centers in Kolkata, thus providing these women exposure to mainstream society. Being in a professional working environment will be a healthy step for the womens’ development, since many of them have never had a real job. Each woman will be paid a decent salary so that she can saDestiny Centerve for the future, and hopefully move out of the shelter home when she is ready. This will allow more girls to be accepted in the shelter and receive vocational training.

One of our partners has offered to provide lunch at the center, almost like a "meals on wheels" program, and to cater lunches to nearby businesses. This will give jobs to even more shelter residents who have cooking and catering skills.

While it is exciting to have this new center, it is also daunting because our goal is to make it a profitable and sustainable business. We are in the process of determining our work capacity and order schedule, and each time I see our estimated workforce increase, I know that we are giving jobs to more women in dire need. And that makes all the worrying worthwhile…


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