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Destiny Updates

23 Jun 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

June 14, 2008 

Destiny, the joint project of Sanlaap and TEN to reintegrate survivors, has undergone some serious changes since I’ve been back. Three of the young women in this program were originally from Bangladesh, and recently their restoration orders have been issued. So, they will be going back to their homes within the month. While we are all personally sad about this, we know it is for the best that they go home and be restored to their communities. Actually, as soon as we have the time and money, my dream is to operate a similar economic livelihood option in Bangladesh for the restored women.

But on the Kolkata side, the other two women in Destiny have recently started their schooling again. They want to live closer to their school, and Sanlaap found a nice apartment for the whole group. It is very conveniently located to the school and will allow them to keep working from the new home.

Before the big move, all five women are working very hard to finish current orders. Just today, I walked in to happily find the DHL truck packing up some finished products to send to the US.

I won’t lie, it’s been a very emotional week for all of us. The woman who I trained in jewelry making is from Bangladesh, and she knows that she’ll soon be leaving for home. A I packed up the beads, she started crying and asked if I’d come visit her. She has become a really qualified jewelry maker and I’d hate to see her skills go unused when she’s back home. But, Sanlaap’s director informed me that their counterpart organization in Bangladesh will help find the girls work if they are interested. I’m sure they are very nervous and excited to be going home, but we’re all confident that their past few months in Destiny has contributed to their social and vocational development.

Because of these new developments, we are seeking a new space to run our production center. The plan is to employ women, including those currently in the program, from various shelters and community centers in one central place. This would expose the women to a professional work environment and thus help their reintegration process. Also, it would free up space in the training centers of those shelters/centers so that more women can receive vocational trainings.

So, as I start the house hunting again, wish me luck!


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