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Adjusting to Independent Life

04 Feb 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

January 24, 2008

The girls woke up quite early (5:30am) to walk around their nearby lake. I joined them afterwards at their flat for morning tea, and they looked so tired since none of them could sleep at night. They said they were too excited and anxious being in their new flat. I have to keep reminding myself that this is the first time these girls have been living outside the shelter home, without supervisors and counselors. But they’re adjusting quickly, and with Debjani and Chan only a shout away they feel very secure.


Destiny girls at the marketAfter chatting a bit, Chan and I took two girls to the Sanlaap office to check in with the staff, and then we went straight to the market. We showed the girls the fabric and bead shops, then sat down to watch them talk with the storeowners, pick out the colors, and negotiate the price. It is awe-inspiring that on their first day of independent living, these young women are confident enough to procure their own business materials.


While at the market, the girls wanted to purchase some notebooks so they could keep an accurate account of purchased materials, orders, payments, and all business expenses. They are already keen to learning proper bookkeeping and budgeting!


Upon returning, the other girls were busy arranging their belongings, and one girl has already taken the responsibility of cooking. Of course, the other four girls help by cleaning and making tea. They shared their market adventure, and immediately started organizing their materials to start working. I still can’t believe that they’ve only been outside the shelter for twenty hours, and already eager to begin their production.

 Sadly, I am leaving tomorrow for a week in South India. So the girls have made me promise to call them every day, if only to say good morning and good night. I will truly miss these girls, but with Chan and Debjani here I’m not the slightest bit worried about their next week.


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