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25 Mar 2007, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Esther Benjamin Trust rescues children who have been enslaved in Indian circuses. The children are often sold to the circuses by desperate parents, or the parents are deceived as the actual circumstances awaiting their children. Girls in these circuses are routinely sexually exploited in private shows. Both boys and girls are deliberately malnourished to stunt their growth, and forced to perform dangerous acts without safety nets, which sometimes results in permanent crippling.

Without education or care, the children soon become very depressed and insecure. It can take months or years of patient counseling and care before they can see any hope of a future. Fortunately, this level of care is exactly what EBT provides.

Older teens and young adults at EBT produce suede purses including embroidered purses and passport bags, which have been extremely popular with our customers. We are working together on some wallet and watch designs for men and women. The survivor/artisans are able to support themselves and sometimes younger siblings through
their handicrafts production. It is a source of tremendous pride to them. The bags are made of goat and sheep leather, since it is a crime to kill a cow in Nepal. The circus kids are generally Tamang Buddhists, so working with leather is not a moral dilemma for them.

Approximately 40 survivors at EBT’s shelter participate in the handicraft program. EBT is an efficient producer with significant expansion capacity.


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